Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Halloween Pictures

For Halloween this year we had activities all week. We did the ward trunk or treat, boo at the zoo, and trick or treating on Halloween. Brinley was Dumbo the elephant for the first two activities and a cheerleader for trick or treating. I only got pictures of the cheerleader. Gabe was a spider.

What's New with Us

So, since June a lot has changed in our family.

1. Cory changed jobs. He was working at the State Hospital in Blackfoot as a Clinical Social Worker. He took a job as an elementary school counselor at Westside Elementary. It has been a great change for him. He enjoys his job and is really enjoying working with kids again.

2. We moved to Idaho Falls. Since Cory's new job is in Idaho Falls and I like Idaho Falls it made sense to move here. We have been in IF since the middle of August. So far Cory doesn't like the traffic. Brinley loves the ducks down by the river. And I am enjoying being back here.

3. We are living my parents. When we moved to Idaho Falls we put our house in Pocatello up for sale and also finished the flip in American Falls. We sold our home in Pocatello and are leasing the house in American Falls until March. So, we have been living with my parents until we can get a house.

4. Both of my kids got bigger. Brinley is now almost 3 and she is so funny. She's really smart and picks up everything around her. Gabe is 7 months old and can scoot himself around pretty well. He is such a sweet little guy and loves to get lots of attention.

5. We bought a minivan. I know, I know, anyone that knows me knows that I swore I would never own one, but I needed more space and a minivan seemed to be the most logical choice. I must admit that so far I like it.

My Sister's Initiative

Since it has been so long since I have updated my blog my sister decided give me a little help. She changed the background and made it all cute so that I would finally get on here and update my blog. I will do my best to update it more often.